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tell everyone im famous autobiography by john trainor

Tell Everyone I'm Famous

This autobiographical journey of a Scottish house painter, including his inspirational rhymes, gives readers the opportunity to know the man behind the story. From stuttering school-boy to published author, young man to married father, John Trainor provides intimate and sometimes painful glimpses into his life, baring his soul for the world to see. Told as though you and the author are sitting by the fireside having a chat, the casual style is easy to read--and when you finish the book, Trainor will seem like an old friend. 

meet the mcghees book by john trainor

Meet the McGhee's

Joseph Patrick McGhee was a driven man. Determined to live the American Dream to its fullest, to this son of hard-working, Irish immigrants, that meant clawing his way to the top and dedicating his life to staying there. He loved his young family intensely and wanted to give them everything. In some ways he did, but he was never able to fully give them what they truly needed--the gift of himself.

When Joseph dies in a tragic car accident, his son Joey is still a young boy, but his mother bravely moves forward in their new life as a single-parent family. Then Joey begins receiving mysterious phone calls which seem to emanate from beyond the grave. Can it really be his beloved deceased father? It leads the boy to question his own sanity.

As an adult, the bizarre mystery of the phone calls comes full circle. A successful attorney, Joey discovers the shocking truth behind his father's life and death. Now a father himself, the young man learns the most valuable lesson in life and is determined that this new generation of McGhees will not repeat the mistakes of the past. 

meet malachi book by john trainor

Meet Malachi

Living a very hum-drum existence, Charlie McGuire feels confined by the overwhelming pressures of life. In an effort to maintain a tranquil existence on the home front, he works hard running a successful bakery, caters to his wife's materialistic values, and struggles to keep his spoiled children at bay.


He dreams of escaping the boundaries of his mundane world, but gets more than he bargained for when he awakes on a desolate island in the middle of nowhere. Befriending a feisty monkey he names Malachi and a French parrot called Pierre, Charlie sets off on un-dreamed-of adventures and must use all of his wits to get back to the world he left.

Follow along on this high seas adventure and meet some bizarre individuals and situations along the way as Charlie learns what truly matters most. 

meet mr mctavish book by john trainor

Meet Mr. McTavish

Mr. John Alexander McTavish, affectionately known to thousands the world over as "Talking Tav," entertains, encourages, and inspires. His motivational talks are made that much more interesting by his rugged good looks, stylish dress, outlandish sense of humor, and intriguing Scottish brogue. Having lost his beloved wife and child years earlier, he is drawn to a young man named Robert and takes him under his wing. Friend, mentor, and father figure, he is delighted when Robert introduces him to his beautiful fiancé Rhonda and is beside himself when the couple later presents him with a son--the family he missed out on.

Always a lady's man, Tav meets a lovely woman in the airport on one of his many travels and is thoroughly smitten. Although her English roots are at odds with his Scottish ones, the two get along famously--for the most part. Like any couple, they have their ups and downs. But will they overcome their problems, make peace, and find happiness together? Only time will tell... 

Meet Mowgli Muldoon

meet mowgli muldoon book by john trainor

Jesse and Ruby-Jo Hornbeck are assured by the local clairvoyant that their sixth child will be the much sought-after daughter they had long awaited. However, when the time comes, they find themselves saddled with a lusty, bouncing, BLIND, baby boy. Unprepared both emotionally and financially to deal with a special-needs child, they make the difficult decision to give him up for adoption.

In a bizarre turn of events, Hughie and Anne adopt Jesse and Ruby-Jo's blind son from the orphanage--and name him Mowgli. A bright child, his parents never consider the boy's blindness a disadvantage and encourage him to do everything sighted children do. With a love of music, in his teens he forms a band. He goes to college and studies law. He meets and marries a lovely young woman named Jenny who also encourages him to be all he can be.

Mowgli takes a position with a renowned legal firm and quickly becomes known as a rising star. The attorney's biological mother comes to him with a problem that only he can solve. His brother has committed a crime and she is asking for his help. Believing his sibling is actually innocent, Mowgli works hard to get him off and then receives a nasty shock when he learns the ugly truth...

Meet Peter the Pickpocket


Seven-year-old Peter Cooney, living in a prison-like, hell-hole of an orphanage in Glasgow, befriends fifteen-year-old Danny after the elder boy receives a vicious whipping. Despite their age difference, the two become fast pals, their unfortunate life circumstances creating a

strong bond.

One day, a deliveryman leaves the back gate open, and Danny and Peter flee from Brother Desmond, nicknamed “The Commandant” by the boys who had suffered many a cruel punishment at the evil man’s hands.

Living on the streets of London, the boys do the best they can to survive and a twist of fate sends Danny in one direction, Peter another. Developing a delicate touch and quicksilver reflexes, he and a new friend dip into pockets and purses, pursued now and then by the bobbies on the look-out for the young thieves.

Life can be uncertain for those living hand-to-mouth and engaging in criminal activities. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who to run from: the law or the nefarious characters outside it.

After losing his best friend and being betrayed more than once, Peter has some difficult decisions to make. Picking pockets has provided him a good living, but he now sees danger around nearly every corner—and expects betrayal from each new acquaintance. What does the future hold in store for Peter the Pickpocket?

Meet the Mountain (3).jpg

Meet the Mountain

There’s no shortage of self-help titles in every library or bookstore across the nation and, without question, each and every one deserves its position.However, there are times when a quiet word from one of life’s Good Samaritans—who more than likely has traveled the challenging road upon which you may find yourself—can have more value than reading volumes of ‘how-to’s.’One heartfelt, inspirational rhyme from John Trainor’s “MEET THE MOUNTAIN” may have a greater impact than spending hours studying a carefully chosen self-help manual.

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Meet The Mountain
Meet Peter the Pickpocket
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